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Following an extensive refurbishment in the early 1990’s, the Langorf Hotel has now established itself as one of the leading hotels in Brisbane.

It has been recognised for its quality and friendly service by several awards and inclusions in many well known guidebooks.The Hotel and Apartments are an elegant redbrick Edwardian building.

Based on the fashionable Hamptstead Village, the Langorf stands tall in the heart of Brisbane just minutes from convenient transport and 5-star restaurants, shops and entertainment.


Room Amenities

Flip Flops

LCD Television


Free Tea

Air Conditional

Wood Floor

Room No Smoking

Free Wireless Internet




Pets Allowed


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What Our Guests Say

The group of workers changed into very type and helpful, it became near transportation and a 15-20 educate trip anywhere. Nice quiet and safe street. The complimentary breakfast changed into best earlier than exploring the city. They made our beds and gave us smooth towels everyday. The bed become snug and room turned into easy.

Lauren Bohager

From Melbourne

The location is great, close to the train station, fantastic access to local shops nearby, good access to the airports (buses) - however we booked a taxi, the staff were friendly and helpful, continetal breakfasts - good choices. Rooms cleaned every day. Free WiFi in room.

Martina Nováková

From NY, US

This was perfect for my needs as a business traveler. The bed was comfortable, hotel and surroundings were quiet, the shower was hot and powerful and the room was secur. That's all I really need when I'm travelling for work.


From Auckland, NZ


Langorf Latest News

Things to consider before choosing the best catering service in Brisbane

Choosing the right catering carrier requires a little effort. Most of the human beings have a plan for unique occasions consisting of a wedding, birthday party, small capabilities or any other kind of social event. Organising a caterer in Brisbane is a tough challenge if you are ignorant of how to pick the catering services.

There are a number of catering services available to organise events and functions in Brisbane. Most of those caterers provide different styles of offerings in step with the customers. To select the proper type of caterer for your requirement, it’s far quite critical to behavior a proper studies at the different varieties of caterers and their offerings, compare their sample work and their preceding records.

How to select the best catering provider?

The most vital part of catering provider consists of the meals and the carrier itself. Choosing the fine caterers is very vital to creating your event or feature a success. Firstly, you need to have made an estimate of the range of people predicted at your function.

It is very essential to check to make sure that there are a whole lot of dishes at the menu before you pick out a caterer. Some caterers are specialists mainly dishes while the others are not. Time spent researching will assist you tremendously in the end in arranging the most delicious food in your guests, also preserving in thoughts that a few visitors may additionally have precise dietary necessities which would need to be addressed.

There are some essential recommendations to keep in mind before you pick to rent the services of a professional caterer.

  • Your finances: It is critical to speak about your finances with the caterer before hiring their carrier. The kind of food you require determines the price range so it’s miles critical to pick according to the possibilities of your guests. Caterers offer both buffet dinners as well as sit down services for their visitors. You can communicate your choices with your caterer during your initial find out phase. You can request a entire outline of the menu and its relative prices.
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  • Waiter personnel: Catering services may also or might not encompass waiting group of workers. So it’s far quiet pertinent to recognize whether or not your caterer offers such offerings. If you require wait workforce to serve your visitors, it have to be knowledgeable well in advance as to be organised with the aid of the caterer.
  • Decoration and theme: Most of the catering services also consist of specific issues and decorations for the tables, chairs and linen. You can pick out the theme consistent with your possibilities. However, we often advise doing a bit of studies in advance to ensure you have got a clear picture in mind to provide to the caterer.
  • Service primarily based at the event: The catering offerings need to be chosen in line with the prominence of the event. Informing the caterers approximately the wide variety of visitors and their respective alternatives will assist them in chalking out an excellent plan for the menu.

Keep in thoughts the above points, with a purpose to help you pick the high-quality catering offerings in Brisbane.

Why Stay at The Langorf?

Have you ever wanted to stay in a historical hotel in the heart of Brisbane? Perhaps, you may consider the Langorf Hotel for an evening or two on your next trip to Brisbane whether that be for an upcoming wedding, special event or function. You might be surprised as to what you could get out of your stay – modern, friendly staff and direct views of the Brisbane river and the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Here are the motives as to why stay at Brisbane’s Langorf Hotel:

Strategically placed to gain the visitors.

The appropriate thing about the Langorf Hotel is that it is strategically positioned in an area where the visitors are close to to everything you could need. We’re just a quick trip by city cat to South Bank or a short walk to the Royal Botanical Gardens or perhaps an afternoon walk as you catch the sunset across the river. We’re placed on one of Brisbane’s most iconic streets – Alice street.

Well-trained, friendly, and accommodating group of workers.
What better way to make your live at the Nagorf Hotel lots greater memorable than having nice team of workers catering in your needs. Not handiest that, they are efficient, polite, and even useful in such a manner they may amplify their service to the factor to make you feel comfortable throughout your live at the hotel.

Good facilities and a 5-star restaurant.

The hotel does offer Internet access, concierge, parking, our very own wellness centre and 5-star restaurant in our foyer. These are the services you are going to discover at the Langorf. Perfectly enough to cater to the basics. You will not have a headache at all dealing with hotel service, and whatever you want could be attended to.


If you’re on the look for a hotel that is going to provide you an affordable price and have an excellent night sleep in a easy room and located strategically, Langorf is the hotel for you. You get the value for what you have got paid for. How right is that? You can make use of the extra money to store and eat scrumptious meals outside the hotel, etc.

There you have got it: four reasons as to why stay at Excelsior inns. Whether you’ll be journeying from Melbourne, Germany, Paris, Italy, or in Chicago, there will always be a room waiting for you and staff to serve you with a smile. So, your stay at the hotel could be one that is definitely worth the buck you have got paid for.

If you want to know more about our hotel or what to do in Brisbane, be sure to stay updated with our news section, send us an email or give our friendly reception staff a call. Also, you may take a look at the price as to how a great deal could it price you to live for 1 night, 2 nights, and so on. If you have got any questions or might want clarification, you may always ask. This way, there are absolutely no surprises upon your arrival and we know how to best exceed your needs while you enjoy your stay with us.